Golf Computer Systems (GCS) is an Australian based software company committed to the design, development and support of world class golf software solutions to the golfing industry.

Golf Software Support and Updates

Please e-mail all support requests to or call us on 07 3366 6696 for prompt attention.

Product Versions:

The current version numbers of Golf Computer Systems' products as at 15th August 2016 are:

Product Title Version Date
Booking Locks 4.02 2015-10-16
FACTS 7.269 2016-11-01
i-GCS 1.77 2016-11-01
Golf Manager 7.467 2016-11-01
LeaderBoard 7.55 2016-06-14
MMS 7.413 2016-10-08
ProShop Assistant 1.13 2016-06-22
ProShop Counter 1.06 2016-05–04
ProShop Wizard 6.106 2016-11-01
Next Group 2.07 2016-05-04
TSE 6.264 2016-11-01
Update 9.57 2016-11-01

If you are running earlier versions than those listed and have a current support/maintenance contract with us, please contact us for details of how to download the current version.